BIOB99H3: Supervised Introductory Research in Biology

A course designed to facilitate the introduction to, and experience in, ongoing laboratory or field research in biology. Supervision of the work is arranged by mutual agreement between student and instructor.
Students must obtain a permission form (and outline of the planned work) from the Biological Sciences website. This is to be completed and signed by the student and supervisor and then returned to the Biological Sciences departmental office (SW421E).

1. BIOB99H3 is identical to BIOB98H3 but is intended as a second research experience. In order to be eligible for BIOB99H3, with the same instructor, the student and the instructor will have to provide a plan of study, the scope of which goes beyond the work of BIOB98H3.
2. Completion of this course can be used to fulfill a course requirement for the Certificate in Biological Sciences Research Excellence. Details can be found in the Biological Sciences Overview section of the Calendar.
3. This course does not satisfy any Biological Sciences program requirements.

BIOB99H3 may not be taken after or concurrently with BIOD95H3, BIOD98Y3 or BIOD99Y3.
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