LGGC64H3: Reading Chinese and English: China Inside Out

Intended for students who read Chinese and English well. Complex-simplified character conversion and vice versa, as well as English-Chinese and Chinese-English bilingual texts, are emphasized through reading, discussion, and translation in a variety of topics from, and outside of, Greater China, presentations, translation comparison, translation, and translation criticism.

(LGGB66H3). The instructor has the authority to exclude students whose level of proficiency is unsuitable for the course.
Arts, Literature and Language
1. This course is bilingual, and priority will be given to students enrolled in the Minor in English and Chinese Translation.
2. This course may be taken before or after LGGC65H3
3. Students who have taken this course should not subsequently take LGGC60H3, LGGC61H3, LGGC62H3, or LGGC63H3 for credit.