PSYB07H3: Data Analysis in Psychology

This course focuses on the fundamentals of the theory and the application of statistical procedures used in research in the field of psychology. Topics will range from descriptive statistics to simple tests of significance, such as Chi-Square, t-tests, and one-way Analysis-of-Variance. A working knowledge of algebra is assumed. Students in the Specialist programs in Psychology, Psycholinguistics or Neuroscience will be given priority for this course.

ANTC35H3, LINB29H3, MGEB11H3/(ECMB11H3), MGEB12H3/(ECMB12H3), PSY201H, (SOCB06H3), STAB22H3, STAB23H3, STAB52H3, STA220H, STA221H, STA250H, STA257H
Breadth Requirements
Quantitative Reasoning