PSYD98Y3: Thesis in Psychology

This course offers the opportunity to engage in a year-long research project under the supervision of an interested member of the faculty in Psychology. The project will culminate in a written report in the form of a thesis and a poster presentation. During the course of the year, at appropriate times, students will meet to present their own research proposals, to appraise the proposals of others, and to discuss the results of their investigation. Students must first find a supervisor, which is usually confirmed before the start of the academic term in which the project will be initiated. Students will meet as a group with the coordinator as well as individually with their supervisor. This course is restricted to Majors and Specialists in Psychology and Mental Health Studies with a GPA of 3.3 or higher over the last 5.0 credit equivalents completed. Students planning to pursue graduate studies are especially encouraged to enroll in the course. Students must obtain a permission form from the Department of Psychology website that is to be completed and signed by the intended supervisor and submitted to the Psychology Office. Students seeking supervision off campus will need to arrange co-supervision with a faculty member in Psychology at this campus.

PSYC02H3 and [PSYC08H3 or PSYC09H3] and PSYC70H3 and [enrollment in the Specialist Co-op, Specialist, or Major Program in Psychology or Mental Health Studies] and [GPA of 3.3 or higher over the last 5.0 credit equivalents completed] and permission of the proposed supervisor.
NROD98Y3, (COGD10H3), PSY400Y
University-Based Experience