SOCC25H3: Ethnicity, Race and Migration

Why do people migrate and how do they decide where to go? How does a society determine which border crossers are ‘illegal’ and which are ‘legal’? Why are some people deemed ‘refugees’ while others are not? What consequences do labels like ‘deportee’, ‘immigrant,’ ‘refugee,’ or ‘trafficking victim’ have on the people who get assigned them? This course will examine these and other similar questions. We will explore how the politics of race, class, gender, sexuality and citizenship shape the ways that states make sense of and regulate different groups of migrants as well as how these regulatory processes affect im/migrants’ life opportunities.

[[SOCB05H3 or SOCB35H3] and [0.5 credit from the following: SOCB30H3, SOCB42H3, SOCB43H3, SOCB47H3]] or [SOCB60H3 and an additional 8.0 credits and enrolment in the Minor program in Critical Migration Studies] or [IDSB07H3 and an additional 8.0 credits, and enrolment in the Specialist/Specialist Co-op Program in International Development Studies (Arts)]
Social and Behavioural Sciences
University-Based Experience