SOCD21H3: Immigrant Scarborough

This course will teach students how to conduct in-depth, community-based research on the social, political, cultural and economic lives of immigrants. Students will learn how to conduct qualitative research including participant observation, semi-structured interviews and focus groups. Students will also gain valuable experience linking hands-on research to theoretical debates about migration, transnationalism and multicultural communities. Check the Department of Sociology website for more details.

[10.0 credits and SOCB05H3 and [1.0 credit from the following: SOCB30H3, SOCB42H3, SOCB43H3, SOCB47H3, (SOCC39H3)]] or [SOCB60H3 and enrolment in the Minor Program in Critical Migration Studies] or [11.0 credits, including ASFB01H3, and enrolment in the Minor Program in African Studies]
Social and Behavioural Sciences
University-Based Experience
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