STAB23H3: Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences

This course covers the basic concepts of statistics and the statistical methods most commonly used in the social sciences. The first half of the course introduces descriptive statistics, contingency tables, normal probability distribution, and sampling distributions. The second half of the course introduces inferential statistical methods. These topics include significance test for a mean (t-test), significance test for a proportion, comparing two groups (e.g., comparing two proportions, comparing two means), associations between categorical variables (e.g., Chi-square test of independence), and simple linear regression.

ANTC35H3, MGEB11H3/(ECMB11H3), (POLB11H3), PSYB07H3, (SOCB06H3), STAB22H3, STAB52H3, STAB57H3, STA220H, STA250H
Quantitative Reasoning