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ACMD94H3 Senior Collaboration Project in Arts, Culture and Media

This course is an advanced-level collaborative project for senior students in Arts, Culture and Media under the direction of one or more faculty members. While the course nature and focus will vary year to year, the project will likely be rooted in Arts, Culture and Media faculty research or an ongoing community partnership, and will likely involve experiential elements.


ACMD98H3 Experiential Learning for Arts, Culture and Media Programs

This course offers students the opportunity to integrate experiential learning appropriate to students’ fields of study within the Department of Arts, Culture and Media. It provides student experiences that develop work and life-related skills and knowledge through a spectrum of interactive approaches with focused reflection. The course allows students to apply ACM-specific program knowledge...

This is a 0.5 credit course. However, depending on the course content, it may be offered in a single-term or over two-terms. Priority will be given to students enrolled in programs offered by the...

ACMD99H3 Work Integrated Learning for Arts Culture and Media Programs

This course offers students the opportunity to integrate academic learning with an internship placement appropriate to students’ field of study within the Department of Arts, Culture and Media. The 0.5 credit, two-term course provides students an understanding of workplace dynamics while allowing them to refine and clarify professional and career goals through critical analysis of their work-...

ACTB40H3 Fundamentals of Investment and Credit

This course is concerned with the concept of financial interest. Topics covered include: interest, discount and present values, as applied to determine prices and values of annuities, mortgages, bonds, equities, loan repayment schedules and consumer finance payments in general, yield rates on investments given the costs on investments.

Students enrolled in or planning to enrol in any of the B.B.A. programs are strongly urged not to take ACTB40H3 because ACTB40H3 is an exclusion for MGFB10H3/(MGTB09H3)/(MGTC03H3), a required...

AFSA01H3 Africa in the World: An Introduction

An interdisciplinary introduction to the history and development of Africa with Africa's place in the wider world a key theme. Students critically engage with African and diasporic histories, cultures, social structures, economies, and belief systems. Course material is drawn from Archaeology, History, Geography, Literature, Film Studies, and Women's Studies.

Same as HISA08H3

AFSA03H3 Experiencing Development in Africa

This experiential learning course allows students to experience first hand the realities, challenges, and opportunities of working with development organizations in Africa. The goal is to allow students to actively engage in research, decision-making, problem solving, partnership building, and fundraising, processes that are the key elements of development work.
Same as IDSA02H3

AFSB01H3 African Religious Traditions Through History

An interdisciplinary introduction to African and African diasporic religions in historic context, including traditional African cosmologies, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, as well as millenarian and synchretic religious movements.

Same as HISB52H3

AFSB05H3 Culture and Society in Africa

An overview of the range and diversity of African social institutions, religious beliefs and ritual, kinship, political and economic organization, pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial experience.
Same as ANTB05H3

AFSB50H3 Africa in the Era of the Slave Trade

An introduction to the history of Sub-Saharan Africa, from the era of the slave trade to the colonial conquests. Throughout, the capacity of Africans to overcome major problems will be stressed. Themes include slavery and the slave trade; pre-colonial states and societies; economic and labour systems; and religious change.
Same as HISB50H3

AFSB51H3 Africa from the Colonial Conquests to Independence

Modern Sub-Saharan Africa, from the colonial conquests to the end of the colonial era. The emphasis is on both structure and agency in a hostile world. Themes include conquest and resistance; colonial economies; peasants and labour; gender and ethnicity; religious and political movements; development and underdevelopment; Pan-Africanism, nationalism and independence.
Same as HISB51H3