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Arts Management

Program Advisor: M. Hussain, Email:

Arts Management is designed for students with an interest both in the arts and in the business of the arts. It provides students with a solid grounding in the knowledge and skills necessary for fulfilling professional careers in producing, presenting and exhibiting organizations (theatres, opera companies, orchestras, dance companies, galleries, museums), arts councils, arts service organizations, government, and many other related areas, or for graduate studies in disciplines such as Arts Management, Cultural and Public Policy, Arts Education, and Museum or Curatorial Studies.

The Specialist (Co-operative) Program in Arts Management is suspended to new enrolments. Students who are already enrolled in the Program should consult the 2012-13 Calendar.

Service Learning and Outreach
For an experiential learning opportunity that also serves others, consider the course CTLB03H3 (Introduction to Service Learning), which can be found in the "Teaching and Learning” section of the Calendar.