Historical and Cultural Studies

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The courses identified below are offered for Historical and Cultural Studies.

Experiential Learning and Outreach

For a community-based experiential learning opportunity in your academic field of interest, consider the course CTLB03H3, which can be found in the Teaching and Learning section of the Calendar.


Historical and Cultural Studies Courses

HCSC01H3 - Experiential Learning in Historical and Cultural Studies

In this experiential learning course, students will have opportunities to apply their HCS program-specific knowledge and skills, develop learning, technology and/or transferable competencies, and serve the GTA community. This experience will allow students to meaningfully contribute to and support projects and activities that address community needs by completing a placement at a community organization.

Prerequisite: Students must be in Year 3 or 4 of their studies, and enrolled in an HCS subject POSt, and must have completed 3.0 credits of their HCS program
Exclusion: CTLB03H3, WSTC23H3
Breadth Requirements: History, Philosophy and Cultural Studies

HCSD05H3 - Intellectual Property in Arts and Humanities

The course provides an introduction to Canada’s intellectual property (IP) systems, copyright, patent, trademark and confidential information. Topics include use, re-use and creation of IP, the impact of the digital environment, the national implication of international agreements and treaties and information policy development.

Prerequisite: Any 2.0 credits; and an additional 2.0 credits at the C-level in ACM, Language Studies, HCS, ENG and PHL
Breadth Requirements: History, Philosophy and Cultural Studies

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