Academic Director: S. Ahmed E-mail: mgmtss@utsc.utoronto.ca
Assistant Director: P. Brown E-mail: mgmtcoop@utsc.utoronto.ca

The Specialist (Co-operative) Program in Management and Accounting is a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program that combines academic studies with paid work terms in public and private enterprises. Depending on their needs and abilities, students work in areas such as accounting, public administration, auditing, communications, economic development, finance, human resources/personnel, information systems, marketing, policy, strategic planning and entrepreneurship.
This Program is designed for students interested in acquiring a concentrated core of accounting and related knowledge that is required to become a professional accountant. It provides a solid foundation to prepare students to become Chartered Professional Accountants after graduation. In addition, the Program provides students with the personal and professional attributes necessary to build a successful career in senior management.

This Program encompasses topics such as introductory to advanced financial and managerial accounting, assurance, taxation, economics, and finance. There is also a range of more advanced electives that cover topics and competencies that incorporate critical thinking and ethical decision making.

The Program operates on a trimester schedule, featuring three semesters (Fall, Winter and Summer) in each Calendar year. Students work or study in all three semesters for four years, or until graduation requirements are met. The Program requires eight four-month semesters of study and three four-month work terms. Students normally begin with three to five study terms (Fall, Winter and Summer), then alternate study and work terms. Students always conclude their degree with a study term.

Enrolment Requirements
Enrolment in this Program is limited.

1. Students applying directly from high school are admitted on the basis of academic performance. They must have completed Grade 12 English and Grade 12 Calculus.

Course Guidelines for Students Admitted to B.B.A. Co-op Programs Directly from High School
students must complete the following courses in their first year of study: MGEA02H3, MGEA06H3, MATA34H3, MGAB01H3, MGAB02H3, MGHA12H3, MGMA01H3 and MGTA38H3.

2. Students requesting admission after the first year must request ONLY ONE Management Co-op Subject POSt on ACORN. Students may apply at the end of the Winter semester and/or at the end of the Summer semester. Application for admission will be considered only for the round during which the student has made the Subject POSt request.

The minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for Program admission is calculated for each application period and is based on University of Toronto courses only. Normally, the minimum CGPA requirement for Co-op Programs will be higher than for non Co-op Programs. Decisions are made when all grades have been received.

Students must have completed the following courses (or their equivalent): MGEA02H3, MGEA06H3, MATA34H3. However, [[MATA29H3 or MATA30H3 or MATA31H3 or (MATA32H3)] and [(MATA33H3) or MATA35H3 or MATA36H3 or MATA37H3]] may also be used to satisfy the calculus requirement. None of the courses listed above (or their equivalent) can be designated as CR/NCR. Of the total credits that students have completed when they apply, at least 4.0 credits must be in University of Toronto courses that have been graded (i.e., not designated as CR/NCR). Students may apply until they have completed up to 10.0 credits. Students who have completed more than 10.0 credits will not be considered for admission to the Program.

Applicants must submit a resume and covering letter to the Management Co-op Office during the limited Subject POSt request period outlined on the Office of the Registrar website. For information on what to include in your resume and covering letter, visit the Management Co-op Office website. An interview may also be required.

CGPA Requirement to Remain in the Program
Students whose CGPA falls below 2.5 will be placed on probation; Students whose CGPA falls below 2.3 will be removed from Co-op, and students whose CGPA falls below 2.0 will be removed from all BBA programs. A student may request reinstatement to the non Co-op Specialist Program only if they complete at least 2.0 credits (none of which can be designated as CR/NCR) in the following session and raise their CGPA to at least 2.0. This opportunity will be provided only once.

Most internal admissions to Management Co-op will be done at the end of the Winter semester. Based on availability, a small number of students who apply at the end of the Summer semester may be admitted.

Program Requirements
Students must complete the program requirements as described in the Specialist Program in Management and Accounting.

Co-op Work Term Requirements
All Co-op students must take MGTA38H3 prior to the commencement of their first work term. Students are advised to consult regularly with the Academic Director, or the Program Advisor if they have questions regarding course selection and scheduling. It is, however, the students' individual responsibility to ensure that they have completed the correct courses to make them eligible for each work term and that they have correctly completed program and degree requirements for graduation.

Students who apply after the first year and are successful in receiving a June offer to any Management Co-op program will be expected to complete a Co-op Advancing Your Career Exploration (AYCE) course beginning in the third week of June and continuing throughout the summer.

To compete for a work term a student must maintain a 2.5 CGPA, and must have completed:

1. For the first work term:
a) 7.0 credits, including: MGEA02H3, MGEA06H3, MGAB01H3, MGAB02H3, MGHA12H3, MGMA01H3, MGTA38H3, and MATA34H3. However, [[MATA29H3 or MATA30H3 or MATA31H3 or (MATA32H3)] and [(MATA33H3) or MATA35H3 or MATA36H3 or MATA37H3]] may also be used to satisfy the calculus requirement.
b) The Management Co-op Advancing Your Career Exploration (AYCE): [COPB11H3 and COPB12H3] or COPB10Y3.

2. For the second work term: 9.0 credits.

3. For the third work term: 11.0 credits.

For information on fees and status in Co-op programs, and certification of completion of Co-op programs, please see the Co-operative Programs section or the Management Co-op section in the UTSC Calendar.