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Faculty List

  • D.E. Cormack, B.A., M.A.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (California Inst. of Tech), Professor Emeritus
  • S. Dalili, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Toronto), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • D.J. Donaldson, B.Sc. (Carleton), Ph.D. (Carleton), Professor
  • S. Fraser, B.A. (Oxford), Ph.D. (Cambridge), Professor Emeritus
  • A. Hadzovic, B.Sc. (Sarajevo), Ph.D. (Toronto), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • A. Izmaylov, M.Sc. (Moscow), M.A. (Rice), Ph.D. (Rice), Associate Professor
  • K. Kerman, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Aegean), Ph.D. (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Associate Professor
  • B. Kraatz, Vordiplom (Heinrich-Heine), Diplom (Kent at Canterbury), Ph.D. (Calgary), Professor
  • R.A. McClelland, B.Sc., Ph.D. (Toronto), Professor Emeritus
  • L. Mikhaylichenko, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Krasnodar, Russia), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • W. Restivo, B.Sc. (Toronto), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • E.L.O. Sauer, B.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Ottawa), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • A. Simpson, B.Sc., Ph.D. (Birmingham), Professor
  • M. Simpson, B.Sc.(Alberta), Ph.D. (Alberta), Professor
  • R. Soong, B.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Toronto), Senior Research Associate
  • R. Sullan, B.Sc. (Phillipines), Ph.D. (Toronto), Assistant Professor
  • J.C. Thompson, B.A., Ph.D. (Cambridge), Professor Emeritus
  • T.T. Tidwell, B.S. (Georgia Inst. Tech.), Ph.D. (Harvard), Professor Emeritus
  • A. Walker, B.Sc., Ph.D. (Nottingham), Professor Emeritus
  • F. Wania, Dipl.Geook. (Bayreuth), Ph.D. (Toronto), Professor
  • X. Zhang, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Shanghai), Ph.D. (Basel), Associate Professor
  • M. Zimmer-de Iuliis, B.Sc. Ph.D. (Toronto), B.Ed (OISE) Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Coordinator of First-Year Studies in Chemistry: X. Zhang (416-287-7202), Email:

Chemistry can be viewed as both a challenging intellectual pursuit and a powerful, practical tool for developing and handling the resources of our contemporary society. A sound knowledge of the fundamental concepts of chemistry is useful to any student in the Physical and Environmental or Life Sciences.

The basic courses in chemistry are CHMA10H3 and CHMA11H3 which must be taken by those who wish to take further chemistry courses or who require chemistry for another science.  Completion of CHMA10H3 and CHMA11H3 is required before any of the B-level courses in chemistry can be taken. These are divided according to the following sub-disciplines: Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Thereafter, one can proceed to advanced-level courses at the C- and D-level.

Students who wish to enrol in St. George 400-series courses should note that completion of the following groups of courses, together with their co-requisite and prerequisites, will normally ensure admission to the St. George courses indicated, provided that B standing or permission of the instructor is obtained.

To enter St. George Series 430, complete the following U of T Scarborough courses:
To enter St. George Series 440 (except 447), complete the following U of T Scarborough courses:
CHMC41H3/CHMC42H3 and CHMC47H3
Note: Timetabling constraints usually preclude U of T Scarborough C-level and St. George 400-level courses being taken in the same year.

Guidelines for course selection
Students are urged to take [PHYA10H3 and PHYA21H3] early in their Programs even though PHYA21H3 may not be a prerequisite until third-year physical chemistry is chosen. Thus, the suggested first-year Program in Chemistry includes CHMA10H3, CHMA11H3, MATA30H3, MATA36H3, PHYA10H3 and PHYA21H3. Students interested in Biological Chemistry or Biochemistry should also include BIOA01H3 and BIOA02H3.

Some courses in Chemistry (CHM) may include Ancillary fees.

Combined Degree Programs, Honours Bachelor of Science (various) or Honours Bachelor of Arts (various)/ Master of Teaching

The Combined Degree Programs for Honours Bachelor of Science/Honours Bachelor of Arts programs at UTSC (various) and the Master of Teaching (MT) offered by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education are designed for students interested in studying the intersections of the Physical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, or French, and Education coupled with professional teacher preparation. They allow exceptional students who are registered in specified Specialist and Major programs to apply during their third year of studies, and be considered, for admission to the MT.

The Combined Degree Programs options include:

  • Biological Chemistry (Specialist), Honours Bachelor of Science/ Master of Teaching
  • Biological Chemistry (Specialist Co-op), Honours Bachelor of Science/ Master of Teaching  
  • Biochemistry (Major), Honours Bachelor of Science/ Master of Teaching 
  • Biochemistry (Major Co-op), Honours Bachelor of Science/ Master of Teaching
  • Chemistry (Specialist), Honours Bachelor of Science/ Master of Teaching
  • Chemistry (Specialist Co-op), Honours Bachelor of Science/ Master of Teaching
  • Chemistry (Major), Honours Bachelor of Science/ Master of Teaching
  • Chemistry (Major Co-op), Honours Bachelor of Science/ Master of Teaching

For more information, including Admission and Program requirements, see the Combined Degree Programs section of this Calendar.

Service Learning and Outreach
For an experiential learning opportunity that also serves others, consider the course CTLB03H3 (Introduction to Service Learning), which can be found in the "Teaching and Learning” section of the Calendar.