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Faculty List

  • G. Brauen, B.Sc (New Brunswick), M.C.S, Ph.D (Carleton), Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
  • M. Buckley, B.Sc., M.E.S. (York), Ph.D (Oxford), Assistant Professor
  • M. F. Bunce, B.A. (Sheffield), Ph.D. (Sheffield), Associate Professor Emeritus
  • S.C. Bunce, B.A. (Guelph), M.E.S. Pl. (York), Ph.D. (York), Assistant Professor
  • M. Ekers, B.Sc., (Lakehead), M.E.S. (York), Ph.D. (Oxford), Assistant Professor
  • S. Farber, B.A. (McGill), M.S.A (Ryerson), Ph.D (McMaster), Assistant Professor
  • M. Hunter, B.A. (Sussex), M.A. (Univ. of Natal), Ph.D. (Univ. California Berkeley), Associate Professor
  • T. Kepe, B.Agric. (Fort Hare), M.Sc. (Guelph), Ph.D. (Western Cape), Professor
  • K. MacDonald, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Waterloo), Associate Professor
  • J. R. Miron, B.A. (Queen's), M.A. (Penn.), M.Sc. (pl.), Ph.D. (Toronto), Professor
  • S. Mollett, B.A., M.E.S. (York), Ph.D. (Toronto), Assistant Professor
  • R. Narayanareddy, MESc. (Yale University), Ph.D. (Minnesota), Assistant Professor
  • E.C. Relph, B.A., M.Phil. (London), Ph.D. (Toronto), Professor Emeritus
  • A. Sorensen, B.F.A. (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design), M.Sc., Ph.D. (London), Professor


Acting Chair: T. Kepe (July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018)
For curriculum inquiries please contact the GGR Program Advisor. Email:

Geography is a broad-ranging subject. As a social science, it is concerned with the spatial patterns of human activity and the character of regions and places. It is a subject which is well placed to explore the complex relationships between society and the natural environment as well as the social and economic problems of human land use and settlement. It, therefore, complements other Programs such as: City Studies, Environmental Science, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics for Management Studies and International Development Studies. Geography courses are also listed as options in several University of Toronto Scarborough Programs including City Studies, Economics, Environmental Studies, Health Studies, International Development Studies, Public Policy and Women's and Gender Studies.

Combined Degree Programs, Honours Bachelor of Arts/ Master of Teaching
The Combined Degree Programs for UTSC Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) /Honours Bachelor of Arts (HBA) with the Master of Teaching (MT) offered by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education provide students with a direct pathway to the completion, in 6 years, of their Undergraduate degree, Ontario Teacher’s Certificate of Qualifications, and Master’s degree.​ These Combined Degree Programs allow students to complete 1.0 credit in courses that may be counted towards both degrees.

The Combined Degree Programs options are:

  • Combined Degree Program: UTSC, Honours Bachelor of Arts, Specialist in Human Geography/ Master of Teaching
  • Combined Degree Program: UTSC, Honours Bachelor of Arts, Major in Human Geography/ Master of Teaching

For more information, including Admission and Program requirements, see the Combined Degree Programs section of this Calendar.​

Human Geography Areas of Focus Table:
*Indicates a course that crosses two areas of focus.

Urban Geography Social/Cultural Geography Environmental Geography

GGRB05H3 Urban Geography
GGRC10H3 Urbanization and Development
GGRC11H3 Current Topics in Urban Geography
GGRC12H3 Transportation Geography
GGRC13H3 Urban Political Geography
GGRC27H3 Location and Spatial Development
GGRC33H3 The Toronto Region
GGRC34H3 Crowd-sourced Urban Geographies
GGRC40H3 Megacities and Global Urbanization
GGRC45H3 Local Geographies of Globalization*
GGRC48H3 Geographies of Urban Poverty
GGRC50H3 Geographies of Education*
GGRD14H3 Social Justice and the City*
GGRD25H3 Research Seminar in Urban Spaces

GGRB13H3 Social Geography
GGRB28H3 Geographies of Disease
GGRB55H3 Cultural Geography
GGRC02H3 Population Geography
GGRC09H3 Current Topics in Social Geography
GGRC24H3 Socio-Natures and the Cultural Politics of ‘The Environment’*
GGRC45H3 Local Geographies of Globalization*
GGRC49H3 Land, Development, and Struggle in Latin America*
GGRC50H3 Geographies of Education*
GGRC56H3 Spaces of Travel: Unsettling Migration, Tourism, and Everyday Mobilities
GGRD09H3 Feminist Geographies
GGRD10H3 Health and Sexuality
GGRD14H3 Social Justice and the City*
GGRD19H3 Spaces of Multiraciality: Critical Mixed Race Theory

GGRB21H3 Political Ecology: Nature, Society and Environmental Change
GGRC21H3 Current Topics in Environmental Geography
(GGRC22H3) Political Ecology Theory and Applications
GGRC25H3 Land Reform and Development
GGRC26H3 Geographies of Environmental Governance
GGRC28H3 Indigenous Environmental Knowledges​
GGRC44H3 Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development
GGRD08H3 Research Seminar in Environmental Geography
GGRD49H3 Land and Land Conflicts in the Americas*

Service Learning and Outreach
For an experiential learning opportunity that also serves others, consider the course CTLB03H3 (Introduction to Service Learning), which can be found in the "Teaching and Learning” section of the Calendar